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The New Yorker reviews "Records for Uncertain Times"

25 March 2015

Lamia Joreige, Under - Writing Beirut - Mathaf, 2013, multimedia installation



The Lebanese artist, a standout in last summer's New Museum showcase of contemporary Arab art, conjures the burdens of history through archival presentations, essayistic films, and photographs, all freighted with backstories.  In her U.S. solo début, Joreige considers the legacy of the National Museum of Beirut, most hair-raisingly in a concrete sculpture that reproduces, in negative, a hole in an anceint mosaic that a sniper shot out during the civil war.  But, when Joreige turns poetic, her work can feel meretricious, as in the large photograms that pay self-reflexive homage to Yves Klein's "Anthropométries."

Through April 9

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