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Modern Painters features Hassan Hajjaj's Playlist

December 2013

Portrait of Hassan Hajjaj

"Magic Look"

Marques Toliver


I met Marques in London and we just vibed, talking about music and life. Then he got his violin out to play at my place, and he started to sing - and that was it for me. I normally listen to this track when I'm shooting my photographs. 


"Blackmagic" Jose James


I had the  honor of taking photos for his album cover, and since then we've become earth brothers. I love to listen to this song while I'm working on my computer.


Various tracks

Khadija el Ouarzazia


She's mainly a live peformer, so it's best to check her out through Google. She has an all-female band in Morocco and plays mostly locally, but now she's doing gigs outside the country. She's a powerhouse, and I'm rpoud to see this music coming out of my country.


"Money in my pocket"

Dennis Brown


It reminds me of when I'd just moved to London from Morocco; this is the first 12-inch reggae track I bought, so it takes me back to that time in my life. 




Hindi Zahra


She's the real deal, and I also had the honor of shooting her album cover. I love listening to this whole album when I want to escape in my head.

"Sidi Moussa"

H'Mida Boussou


A Gnawa master; I'm a massive fan. I wanted to take pictures of him, but sadly he passed away. I listen to his music when I need something for the soul, spirit, mind, and body. 



Electric Jalaba


A mix of Gnawa and Afrobeat - I love to play this loud when I'm shooting and need some hyped-up energy.


"Birina e pra tocar"

Mestre Gaje & Mestre Valu


This reminds me of doing capoeira, and having the chance to meet and train with Mestre Valu.


"Tight Music"

Hugh Harris


This track reminds me of the mid '90s, when he had finished recording this particular body of work. He had cancer, and it took his voice. He released the album only a few weeks ago, since he couldn't bear to listen to his own voice for years after that.

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