Hassan Hajjaj solo at Colette, Paris

4 July 2016

Installation View



Stylin’ by Hassan Hajjaj


This summer, colette presents an exhibition by Hassan Hajjaj. Artist and photographer Hassan Hajjaj has always documented people he encountered or shared a part of his life journey with, capturing them with vibrancy, humour and spontaneity in his highly propped shots.


These colourful and engaging portraits combine the visual vocabulary of fashion photography and pop art, as well as the heritage of studio photography of African artists such as Malick Sidibeé and Seydou Keïta, in an intelligent commentary on the influences of tradition and customisation, the interpretations of high and low branding and the effects of global capitalism and consumerism. While challenging the notions of fashion icon within contemporary culture Hajjaj creates strong visually impacting images. Hajja’s images are bright, bold and assertive, but most importantly vital. There is something about Hassan’s entourage, friends or family, a bunch of designers, filmmakers, musicians, artists striking a style and a pose, appearing both absolute and provocative, as if in the pages of a fantasy fashion magazine.

These larger than life attitude essential to stand out in these busy settings. They have a style of their own with accessories added by Hassan Hajjaj and an attitude! That’s probably because all of these people have let their passion lead their lives, whatever the sacrifices, compromises and critics.The frame is an essential part of the final image, reminding the mosaics of Morocco and the multitude of colours of the souks and adding to the vibrancy of the image almost oversaturating it. The result is an aesthetically attractive picture that could raise questions in the eyes of the viewer. Hassan’s love for freedom let’s you decide for yourself.


Hassan Hajjaj was born in 1961 at Larache in Marocco. He lives and works between London and Marrakesh. He did many exhibitions all around the world, in solo or group ones.

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