Blouin Artinfo features Austin Eddy at Taymour Grahne Gallery

Installation View

Blouin Artinfo:


Taymour Grahne Gallery in New York is hosting an exhibition “Follow The Crooked Path (Though It Be Longer)” by artist Austin Eddy that will be on view through April 22, 2017.


The exhibition brings together new set of sculptures, drawings and paintings by New York based artist Austin Eddy (b.1986, Boston, MA), which obscure the border between figuration and abstraction. The works in the exhibition, individually, are strung together on the tunes of shared exploration of relationships between color and shape, which renders along the ethos of the show’s title, as the ‘crooked path’ allows for new twist and turns in these artworks, facilitated by the use of oil stick. 

With bold, Matisse-like geometrically rounded shapes permeate through his abstract paintings as well as sculptures, Eddy’s works are also visceral and figurative at their core, as the lumps and bumps of surfaces remind of bodies, of soft fingers and curves, and mixed media materials allow for a meditation on surface, texture and the stories embedded within. Through these works, the artist explores the personal emotions and encounters from his own life.

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