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ArtAsiaPacific Names Nicky Nodjoumi's "Chasing the Butterfly" Top Ten Exhibition of 2013

January 2014

Inspector's Scrutiny, 2012, Oil on Canvas, Diptych, 85 x 130 in / 215.9 x 330.2 cm

In his paintings from the mid-1970's, Nicky Nodjoumi portrayed the crimes of Shah's security agents against leftists and democrats in Iran; a few years later he was forced into exile by the Iranian Revolution and has lived in New York ever since.A lifelong critic of represive governments, Nodjoumi today creates canvases with a refined sense of humor, surreality and èlan. In the enormous diptych Inspector's Scrutiny (2012), a group of suited men are tying up a horse, while another man - presumably the "inspector" of the work's title - looks on;

in the background, classical Persian horseman, painted in gray, loom over the scene. Nodjoumi's works beg to be read allegorically, as in Hasty Reterat (2012) in which a classical marble head is strapped to the back of a dog on the summit of a barren hill. 

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